Do we have to move out of our home while the work is being done?

No, in fact we pride ourselves in being able to work alongside our clients to get the job done.

Is it possible to add an upper level to our home?

Our company has been involved with first floor additions for approximately 30 years and we have found that in almost all cases it is possible to add an upper level to a home and use an independent engineer who has input into the structural aspects of our design.

Is it possible to do part of the work ourselves for example, the painting?

Absolutely. We are happy to work with our clients if they elect to do any work themselves.

If we decide to proceed, how long will it be before building begins?

Once you are happy with the plans it generally takes 12 weeks to obtain Council approval, dependant on our current workload.

Are there any extra charges for Council etc.?

No, once you are given a price this includes Council submissions, Homeowner Warranty and all relevant documentation needed e.g. Basix certificate, shadow diagrams, statement of environmental effects, site analysis plans and any other information required.

How To Get Started?

After a consultation about your plans and budget, our designer will prepare sketches and arrange to present these for your perusal. There may be a few options for your proposed addition. Once you are happy with the design, a formal quotation will be provided. Winspace Constructions takes care of all the formalities that follow, such as submitting plans to council.

Request a quote and one of our design consultants will meet with you to discuss your ideas, needs and budget.

On acceptance of your quotation, you will be asked for a 5% plan order fee. This enables plans to be drafted and all relevant documentation is prepared and sent to Council.

While your plans are being processed in Council and monitored through our office, we ask you to make your selections. As soon as we have Council approval, windows and frames are ordered, and a Fixed-Price Housing Industry Contract is signed.

You will be notified when plans are approved by Council and an appointment will be arranged for you to sign building contracts. A 5% contract deposit is required and the balance of your payments will be paid throughout construction. These payments are set out in your contract.

We endeavour to commence building within two weeks of Council approval. Building usually takes 10-15 weeks, depending on the size of your project.