First Floor Addition Lake Macquarie



As recognised award winners in the construction industry, we take pride in our more than 30 years experience specialising in home additions, extensions and renovations. Residents of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas come to Winspace Constructions to expand their family homes based on our reputation as an outstanding local business.

Located in Belmont NSW, Winspace Constructions services Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds, offering a comprehensive design and construction service that, when finished, will blend into your existing home to look like it was always there. Alternatively, we can change the entire look of your home for a new modern aesthetic.



After working at Winspace Homes for close to two decades, Grant Williamson bought the business 10 years ago. As the new owner, Grant made his mark by renaming the business Winspace Constructions. These days Grant manages all the building projects, leading a hand-picked team of talented designers and builders.

Grant is proud of the company track record of building with care. Most clients remain at home whilst additions and renovations are undertaken and it is this ability to work alongside his clients that makes Winspace Constructions stand out from other home building companies.

Grant and his team will take you all the way through concept to completion, handling all council submissions and legal paperwork, allowing you to concentrate on your life while they take care of the rest.

Newcastle House Renovation